Making Dreams Come True

I never thouht of making this as a career.

It all started after my dad had left to Mexico after my Grandma had past away.

i had seen my dad many times working on Quinceañeras videos and i knew what to do , untill i actually film a quinceñera and things change.

I saw the power of me creating something different and that i could show my point of view of things different than anyone else .

since then my videos started to get known and im still learning new things.

Now after 20 years I have decided to move forward into what i like to be more an Event Planner , been able to help you decide the best thats out there and give you the best party you could get.

 Marcos Ortiz
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

Everything started when I was working as a waiter in a restaurant. Customers started asking for catering services, including linen and flower arrangements. My boss gave me the opportunity to create arrangements for all the events we started having! Since then my life completely changed and I knew that decorating was my gift. Creating unforgettable events for all my customers is and always will be my motivation to continue and keep making them feel unique on their special occasion 

Eduardo Ortiz
Co-Founder & Creative Director